We aren’t designers. We are regular guys who had a problem – clothing that seemed meant for the exclusive. We wanted “normal shirts”– something versatile and durable, with a rugged aesthetic and elevated style. We wanted to be comfortable in the city, the country, and everywhere in between. So we moved into our parents’ basement to start this polite (so far) rebellion against pretense.

Being anchored in the Midwest, where you are never more than twenty minutes from your next adventure, helps us grow our collection to keep up with everything you want to do in our normal clothes. And with more people joining us, we are feeling like normal is a thing again. But in case we ever lose our confidence, there’s a kickass bear to remind us that we have the wisdom and courage of a bear within.

Jimmy, Conrad, and Lan


We make the clothes and accessories for your everyday. Your style is straightforward, but significant.


The world thinks it knows everything there is to know about normal. That it’s a badge of
shame to wear like being an Ordinary Joe. But we have already learned the opposite.
Permission to be exactly who you are is awesome.

NB_Fall18_Day3_-639 (2) copy.jpg

We believe in wide open land without fences. We believe your gut is packed with information
you should use without a filter. We believe in getting outside to get inside yourself.
We believe the world has twisted up regular, stuffed its shirt with pretense, and we are over it.


We are going to keep going our own way, even if it’s against the grain, because we have
cut into that wood and know its capabilities. And we are going to do our part to make
sure you live your normal self by making clothes that stand up for you.


We like normal just the way it was meant to be— you decide.


Thank you!

We hope to do cool things with you in 2019.
Jimmy, Conrad, Lan, and Family