We grew up hunting and fishing with our Pop.

As little kids, Pop would wake us up early, throw layer upon layer of hand-me-down gear on us, and take us to the water or to the woods.

In the midst of those early morning wake-ups, my six brothers and I would beg him to let us sleep, “Come on Pop, it’s freezing outside; let's skip,” to which he would say “Nope – you’ll love it. Get up. We’re going.” Of course he was always right; we never ever regretted those times out there – just Pop and his sons.

So when Greg Hatten, a world renowned fisherman and wood boatman (and founder of WoodenBoat Adventures), invited us to fish the Mackenzie River in western Oregon, we didn’t think twice.

As we’ve gotten older, some things have stayed the same – Pop still wakes us up to get out there and we always compete against each other for who got the biggest or the most fish, but at least one thing has changed – we all finally have our own gear. Growing up in a family of ten, it was like there was one big closet and rotating bodies in and out. Anything that was yours usually got taken by someone else within a month never to be worn by you again. That got old quick - especially as our love of clothes really blossomed.

But now as (kind-of) adults and operators of an apparel company, we have our own clothes. And this Oregon trip was the perfect opportunity to test them out. So we called Pop and said let’s go to Oregon.