A former college rugby player from Australia sent us an email asking if he could intern with us for his final semester of college. Lincoln came in wearing a funny hat, speaking a dialect of english we had never heard before, and brought a can-do attitude. Over the next few months, he did everything from moving boxes, to analyzing spreadsheets and modeling in our Spring photoshoot. So when he graduated in March and needed a job, we had the perfect idea. Buy an old school Ford Bronco, send him to meet with new retailers and give him the freedom to explore everything the wild wild west has to offer. Follow Lincoln's journey and see what it's like to explore the US for the first time.

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Stop #1 - Ted Drewes

Not only is Ted Drews one of the classic stops along Route 66, it's an icon of St Louis. So, it is the perfect first stop for the tour. Besides, who doesn't love frozen custard?

Stop #2 - Route 66 Museum

Made a stop at the Route 66 Museum to up my knowledge of the historic highway. Can't say it was the most exciting place I've seen but I now know a little bit more about Route 66.

Stop #3 - Sedona AZ 

Jason at The Hike House in Sedona came through with some stellar recommendations! Unreal views along the Hangover trail. This place definitely surpassed expectations.

Stop #4 - The Grand Canyon 

I will never forget this little spot. Incredible views and didn't see another person the whole time. Great day exploring the Grand Canyon.

About the Trip

The Bear

When we saw this 1989 Ford Bronco, we knew it was the perfect car for Lincoln to take on his trip. She's tough and rugged — ready to stand up to anything the wild wild west has up it's sleeve. There was no discussion when it came to naming her. The only name suitable for this old school ride was The Bear.

Let Us Know

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